Top Ten Best Practices For Software Developers

Top Ten Best Practices For Software Developers
Top Ten Best Practices For Software Developers


I understand there are a range of articles on this subject. My purpose in writing this article is to get them all into a single article which covers the majority of things. This article is primarily based on my non-public experience, teammate’s ride and my manager’s inputs.

As you all know, I by no means desire to preserve my gaining knowledge of and understanding to myself, if you are working for the software program enterprise or working as software program developer, strive to relate to matters referred to in this article, clearly it will advantage you.

To be a profitable developer, you want a lot of practice, dedication, and commitment.

So, right here are the factors which you ought to exercise to turn out to be a profitable software program developer, if these factors assist you to enhance your self I will be without a doubt very glad.

  1. Make it in no way come back

    While fixing a trouble in our code, we’re now not accomplished when the signs stop. We’re performed when the trouble has disappeared and by no means comes back. We typically cease fixing a hassle when it doesn’t have any seen symptoms. We’ve constant the bug, and there appear to be some hidden bugs. So we might also suppose that –“why work on it? It’s first-class for now, right?” No. Remember the historical proverb “A sew in right time saves nine.”

  2. Read the source code as lots as you can

    Writing software program code is less complicated than perception the code, which is written with the aid of others. Most humans will agree with this. Sometimes the documentation is no longer complete, from time to time the code is messy. I strongly propose that you study the code as plenty as you can, so that you will apprehend the distinction between best code and messy code. Definitely this will enhance your coding quality. If you favor to write right code, you must be aware of what the excellent code is, once more if you choose to comprehend whether or not it is a accurate code, you want to examine the code.

  3. Willingness to learn

    In order to grow to be an magnificent programmer, you should first have an intention to come to be an exquisite programmer. No quantity of education will flip anyone who does now not have an intention to come to be an high-quality programmer.

    Keep following the technical forums, magazines, blogs, conferences and technical seminars.

  4. Follow the standards, don’t create your own

    Unless your corporation does now not have any coding standards, don’t create your own. If your agency doesn’t have any coding standards, I would advocate you to create the requirements and make your fellow group observe the same.

    Some of coding requirements are listed below:
    a) File naming conventions
    b) Function & Module naming conventions
    c) Variable naming conventions
    d) Comments
    e) List of Do’s and Do not’s

  5. Keep the code simple

    Software layout can be described via the beneath two statements.
    a) The effort of upkeep is at once proportional to the code complexity.
    b) It is extra essential to limit the complexity of preservation than complexity of writing code.

    I would like to endorse that you write the code in reality and make it effortless for renovation due to the fact what we care about the most is- “Software is the future”. The less difficult your code is, the fewer bugs it will have.

  6. Consistency

    Does consistency imply uniformity? The reply for this is “No”. “Uniformity” ability all the matters ought to seem to be the same. But “Consistency” capacity comparable matters need to appear the equal and unique matters ought to appear different. This principleis relevant for each the front give up and additionally for code.

  7. Test your Code

    Testing is mandatory even after a small exchange in your code. Even you are on a tight schedule, even if you modified the variable title or simply a comment.

    You must sense comfortable if you discover a worm in your code, due to the fact now your software program has been lowered by using one bug.

  8. Don’t repeat the code

    I strongly propose you to go returned to your code as soon as youhave written it, and attempt to refactor, keep away from the reproduction code and separate your code into modules. This will certainly make your code greater reusable and testable.

  9. Be Productive at work

    We stay in an age the place social media, textual content messaging and emails have end up an essential phase of our lives. If you are energetic on one or extra social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and so on) and test them frequently, it may want to be a distraction to your center of attention and productivity.

    “Allocate a block of time to take a look at your social media, emails and textual content messages.”

    Make it as a habit. Once it will become a habit, you can enhance your productivity.

  10. Share understanding with others

    Don’t be egocentric by using maintaining your information to yourself. Try to create a way of life of supporting others. You’ll locate that you will work higher as a crew and you can assist every different to improve. There are masses of possibilities to share your know-how which encompass social network, blogs, boards and conferences.


To summarize, it is effortless to do simply coding however to turn out to be a profitable software program developer there may want to be a list of hundreds (and even more) matters however let us take the volume which we can deal with easily. Just to preserve your listing small and observe them strictly at some point of of your developer life.

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